Trivia Rumble Racers (wip)
Hobby Project
Trivia Rumble Racers, is an online multiplayer game where players compete against each other in trivia, speed in order to boost their derby cars to survive outro quick question rounds.

Similar games include Jack-box's Trivia Murder Party, and Papa's quiz. The goal is to allow players to customize their appearance and track their progress through playing games to show off their dedication to their friends and competitors. While introducing elements to allow players who are not necessarily as trivia savy to be able to enjoy and being able to compete.

VR Cooking Prototype
Hobby Project

Platform: Oculus Quest 2

Cooking Simulator made in Unity 3D for the Oculus Quest 2. This demo displays one of the many combinations of foods which are shown in the video. In this simulator one can cook different dishes, chop food, and plate / burn dishes. Additionally as a proof of concept and practice for development of future VR projects.

Drunk'n Drive Simulator Prototype
Hobby Project

Platform: Android

The Drunk'n Drive simulator is an infinite runner where the player is tasked to get as far as they can without colliding with vehicles around the user. The user gets more points by drinking and traveling as far as they can. This game was created to show the dangerous of drinking and driving as one continues they get more points which simulates the mental urge to keep going once they have started driving, and the game simulates being drunk through shaders that curve, discolor, and blackout the users vision.


 The Indie-Cane won 1st Place at the University of Houston Capstone Design Conference in 2017. The Indie-Cane utilizes gps, compass, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras in order to read its surroundings. This helps its user by being able to detect cross walks, being able to give turn by turn navigation while navigating to new locations, and being able to warn users to running into objects in front of them.

 During its development I was consulted to help direct the team's software implementation, and guide them through technical difficulties. This includes helping them train their AI model to determine when the user is at a cross walk, interpreting module inputs for for both compass and ultrasonic sensors for depth/collision detection. Additionally I was tasked to design and print their device housing.

King's Cactus
Team Lead (Senior Project Class)

Platform: PC | Controller Support

King's Cactus was a result from a project class my senior year at the University of Houston. I worked along side 3 other developers, where we designed, story boarded, and developed this demo for the Microsoft's Imagine Cup. During this demo a player assumes the role of Rita Parita, a student whom accidentally had been accepted to the prestigious King's Cactus University. At this university the classes are more than they seem. Students get transported to magical / fantasy lands as they explore their curriculums. Rita Parita during this demo is playing through her chemistry class by her professor Linh, where she must adapt the base chemical elements to form attacks and defenses as she takes on her exam against her professor.